Game For Fame

The Hilarious Party Board Game

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Release your inner celebrity with Game For Fame

The Hilarious Party Board Game™: the party board game

where no talent is required to 'make it.'




Work in teams to achieve celebrity super stardom, then compete against your team-mates to win

big bucks all for yourself!



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have left many Amazon Reviewers


★★★★★ "Simply the best board game I've played for years. Thought I'd never see the day when my dad ballet dances!!! Too funny for words! Worth every penny - I'll play it time and time again. Love it!!"

Catherine on

★★★★★ "WHAT A LAUGH!

One of the best board games ever created.

 If you are looking for something fresh and current,

 I would strongly recommend this game,

we laughed so hard my wife was crying!!"

Matt at

★★★★★ "Great to laugh so much and play a game with tasks that are so original. It's refreshing to find a fun party board game with so much thought behind it.....I couldn't recommend anything better." Simon on Amazon

@CraigRevHorwood "Played a cool new board game. It was simply hilarious. Game For Fame - check it out!"

Craig Revel-Horwood

Strictly Come Dancing


"Hilarious, laugh-out-loud game!

I had this game for Christmas. I have since played it twice; once with friends and once with family of all ages.

Both times I laughed to the point of tears down my face."

Adele Hollis on Amazon


"Brilliant game Amazingly fun!

We loved it! You can literally be

up and running in less than a minute.

No complex rules to keep

referring to - just play! "

KM - Amazon top 10 reviewer


"How hilarious! Whoever came up with this is a genius!

I'm still crying with laughter after playing this for the first time last night!!!"

Mary-Jayne Davies on Amazon

★★★★★ "It was fantastic,

I bought this for Christmas as we had the whole family over (15 in total) and wanted a new game to play, this sounded right up our street. The age range of us was from 14 - 80! It was fantastic, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and the sound of laughter didn't stop throughout the game!"

Barry B on Amazon


"What a totally brilliant game and the highlight of this Christmas!"

Charlotte Lewis on Amazon


 "The Best Board Game In Years!

Game for Fame is simply hilarious! It is easily the best board game since Cranium was released back in 1998. Every single turn led to fits of laughter and my wife even spit water high into the air as she burst out laughing when trying to gargle Christmas songs. All of my family members absolutely loved the game and commented over the next several days how much fun they had. Game for Fame completely overshadowed both Cards Against Humanity & Exploding Kittens."

R. Ruqua - Top 500 Amazon Reviewer


"This is one of the best board games I’ve ever played - perfect for a large group at a party."

Big Don on Amazon


"Must play this game!!"

C Clark on Amazon


"Fantastic fun game, had us all in tears of laughter, if you want a fun game and can laugh at yourself, this is the one for you. Brilliant."

Keith Taylor on Amazon

"Game for Fame is the best

board game to play with friends.

It's got everything - competition,

twists and turns and it's absolutely hilarious."

Gillian Wright


"My family had such a great time playing Game For Fame.

Haven't laughed that much in ages.

An amazing board game for families."

Blythe Duff


In December 2015, Game For Fame was one of Amazon's

top 10 selling board games

and top 40 selling toys.

"What an awesome board game.

Game for Fame gave me the

best new year party I've ever had. Me and my friends laughed so hard that our stomachs hurt! So much fun!"

Claire Buckfield

Dancing on Ice


Separate the A-list from the Zzz-list with Game For Fame